• Front meadow garden at Windclifff
    Front meadow at Windclifff
  • Colorful Fall foliage of Vitis coignetiae at Windcliff
    Vitis coignetiae at Windcliff
  • Dan Hinkley and fellow trekkers with rugged mountains in background
    In Vietnam, 2013 — after the trek across Five Fingers
  • Crossing a primitive bridge in Myanmar, rain pouring down
    Crossing a primitive bridge in Myanmar, 2013
  • Lush garden with perennials, trees and island in the background
    Bluff side meadow at Windcliff
  • Cortaderia fulvida, Puget Sound and Mt. Rainer, Windcliff
    Cortaderia fulvida and Mt. Rainer, Windcliff
  • Field of blue Agapanthus hybrids
    Agapanthus hybrids at Windcliff